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Commercial Snow and Ice Management

We Have the Equipment on Hand

YOUR WAY is a company that is constantly evolving and improving it's services. Over the years we have continually added new and improved pieces of equipment to our fleet. From updated plows to small loaders, we have the piece of equipment that fits your winter needs.

Commercial Snow Removal Services

Michigan winters are among the coldest in the US, bringing intense snow storms and chilly weather that causes ice build up on surfaces. At Your Way Property Services, we understand the climate of Southeast and Mid Michigan and are equipped and experienced enough to ensure your business is not interrupted in winter.

It’s not uncommon for businesses to be brought to a standstill by inches of snow and icy driveways, walkways, and surfaces. These winter conditions not only inhibit how efficiently a company can run but also pose a hazard to your employees, customers, and machines.

Therefore, it’s imperative that businesses that want to retain their customer base, protect their employees, and keep their business running work with a snow removal services company that understands their landscape.

  • Subdivisions
  • HOA's
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Condominiums
  • Industrial Buildings and Complexes
  • Retail Establishments
  • Medical Campuses
  • Commercial Spaces
Your Way Property Services Oakland County, Michigan Commercial snow removal services.

Snow Response Plan

Commercial Snow and Ice Management

Each client requires different service needs. Our customized SNOW RESPONSE PLAN addresses these needs.

We develop a plan to manage a client’s snow and ice that is specific to the requirements of their business. For example we will consider; hours of operation, traffic patterns, snow placement, ice control, and the proper deicing products to use.

These factors, as well as others, are combined to make up a unique snow response plan for each client. By having a plan in place we are better prepared to offer our customers a higher level of service than that of our competitors.

Oakland County's Top Commercial Snow and Ice Management Team

In order stay ahead of our competitors we have:

Been recognized as one of the top 100 snow contractors in North America, as published by Snow Magazine, September 2008.

— Over 40 pieces of equipment operating during every given snow event.

— The capability of moving and hauling snow so that winter weather can be managed properly.

— A management staff with a combined total of over forty (40) years experience of handling snow and ice.

— An active membership of Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA).

— The most effective and environmentally friendly de-icing products on the market.

— Some of the most efficient snow fighting equipment available.

— Our employees go through our training program to ensure proper techniques and practices.

— Resources set up to monitor weather throughout the entire Metro Detroit area.

Your Way Property Services performs Snow and Ice management to many satisfied clients.

Who We Serve

Our list of clients includes residential homeowners, communities, and commercial entities. We understand that commercial snow removal services require specialized skills and understanding, and Similarly, each property and surface requires different snow removal approaches.

For instance, if your lot is small, deicing by applying ice melt using a drop spreader would yield better results at a lower cost than using a broadcast spreader. On the other hand, facilities with limited grounds may require snow relocation services.

Our experts understand the different requirements for different property types and deploy the most effective and affordable for your needs. We serve a wide variety of customers, including:

  • HOAs
  • Condos
  • Medical Campuses
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Retail Establishments
  • Industrial Buildings and Complexes

Commercial snow plowing in Milford, Michigan

Commercial Snow and Ice Removal

The winter months can be particularly stressful if you are a business or commercial property owner. Snow storms pose many risks for you as an employer, as well as for your employees and customers. Making sure you are prepared beforehand and using a good commercial snow removal company will minimize the risks to you, your property, and your business.

Why is commercial snow removal so important?

A build-up of snow can be dangerous for people and cause serious injuries that might require medical attention. Slipping and falling outside your home because of snow is one thing. However, as a business owner or a property manager, you are responsible for the safety of your employees and customers. Failing to do this can cause serious legal repercussions for you. 

A build-up of snow can also make your property inaccessible to employees and clients. Removal will ensure that you can carry on with day-to-day operations as usual. 

Why should you leave it to the professionals?

Running a business and maintaining the premises requires a lot of effort. Snow removal is a challenging and tedious task. Attempting to remove snow on your own without proper equipment will take up a lot of your time. This can be harmful to your business. Commercial snow removal companies use professional equipment along with their expertise to remove snow and ice quickly and efficiently. These companies use heavy-duty machinery, and their employees are trained to work in rough weather conditions. Even if you are in the middle of a snowstorm, you could still continue with business as usual. 

Another reason to consider calling a professional company is the removal of plowed snow. Snow that has already been plowed usually can't be left on commercial premises, and removing it requires specific equipment. Professionals use snow hauling vehicles to transport snow to designated dumping sites. This way, you won't have to worry about what to do with the snow once it has been plowed. 

Not only are snow and ice outside of a property potentially dangerous - removing snow can be too. Many people often get injured when trying to do it themselves. Snow removers wear the right gear and use the necessary machinery for the job. They will use machines like snow blowers to effectively clear your property. This type of equipment will also ensure minimal damage to the ground beneath the snow. This is important to consider if you have a paved area since snowfall and snow removal can cause paving and concrete to crack open. 

Being prepared before the snow season will make things much less stressful for you. A snow removal company will employ methods such as de-icing or salting before winter starts to make snow removal easier and quicker. The goal is to cause as little disruption to your business as possible. 

Commercial snow and ice removal in Milford Charter Township, Michigan

What Sets Us Apart?

Our team of snow removal experts keeps tabs on weather forecasts. Therefore, our team is always prepared to jump into action and execute anticipative snow management services as winter rolls through.

Rather than wait, we can pre-treat your surfaces to inhibit intensive snow and ice build-up. This protects your tenants and customers and protects you against potential liabilities that may arise from snow and ice-caused injuries.

Whether you’re looking for emergency snow removal services or prefer a pre-arranged commercial or residential snow removal plan, Your Way Property Services has got you covered.

Our central location in Milford, Michigan, means we can comfortably provide snow removal services to you if you’re in and around Oakland, Livingston, and Washtenaw Counties. Contact us today for a FREE quote if you’re looking for an experienced snow removal contractor.

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Great family run business! Matt is working with me and budget to landscape my property. He and his designer, created a beautiful, exciting plan that I can complete over time. He gave me guidance on some of the work I could do, on my own, to keep the job affordable. Thanks!

Julie Angers



Andrew was extremely quick to respond to all emails and calls. He came out for our initial quote, and then even came back a second time just because we ended up having more questions and requests. The guys that came out and completed the project were super friendly and did a fantastic job. Would definitely come back to Your Way for future services!

Reagan Engstrom



A lot of landscape service providers are shying away from projects, but Matt Gorski and his landscape team are trying to get your job finished before the year ends! I've seen several examples of their work and it's amazing!

Brian Jacobs



Andrew was amazing, as he went out of the way to bring the best service I’ve ever had for lawn services.. I’ve struggled to find someone who is consistent and does as good of a job fertilizing. It shows that they care about what they do and want to provide only the best quality services!! I will definitely be sticking with the company and hope to see Andrew back again soon!

Kelly Dennis