Stunning Pool Landscaping Ideas To Enhance Your Backyard

June 1, 2022

For the best pool landscaping ideas, you can combine greenery, rocks, and other functional elements. Get in touch for the best pool landscaping ideas.

Pool Landscaping Ideas

There’s nothing particularly wrong with just paving the area around your pool and leaving it like that. However, if you want a true oasis, you will need to incorporate some thoughtful pool landscaping ideas. There are lots of elements that you invest in to take your backyard to the next level. For genuinely gorgeous pool landscaping, here are some ideas that you can use.

Jungle Inspired Plants

Are you looking to create a tropical vacation in your backyard landscaping? The easiest way to achieve this look is to incorporate some lush plants around your pool’s perimeter. Before you jump to grab a couple of plants, you need to consider your climate and the types of plants it can support. You can choose many varieties once you are certain they will not struggle to adapt. If you are in an area that requires hardy plants, you can get some good aesthetics with plants like hostas, ferns, and hibiscus. You can also go for some hardy varieties of palms.

Pool Landscaping Ideas

Install a Non-Slip Surface

It’s important to include elements that are both aesthetic and functional. For instance, you can throw in a pebble-dashed floor. While this is not entirely non-slip, you will get better results than stone slabs and decking. To avoid cuts on your feet, you should opt for a completely smooth surface. You must also remember to include a proper drainage system. This will ensure that your water remains clean. Having drainage also protects your deck, patio, and surrounding yard from water damage. Besides, you don’t want to be mopping up water each time you use the pool.

Erect a Rock Wall Along a Portion of the Pool

Another great way to enhance your pool’s landscaping is to add some elevated boulders on one edge. To get an entirely custom outcome, you can incorporate rock directly into the design of your pool during its construction. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good look if you retrofit your landscaping to an already-built pool. You can still tap into this idea even if your pool is already working. This idea works well with both natural and artificial boulders. You can even look into some with built-in speakers for your pool music. 

Pool Landscaping Ideas

LED Lighting Around the Pool

Smart pool lighting certainly has a role to play in pool landscaping ideas. However, it would be best if you took the time to plan your lighting scheme for the best outcome properly. Never make backyard pool lighting an afterthought. You will find that the appearance of your pool will be greatly enhanced if you illuminate it at night. You can use halogen, LED, or fiber underwater lights. However, keep in mind that these must be encased in waterproof, IP-rated fixtures. 

Create a Sitting Area Around the Pool

There are several hard landscaping materials that you can use to create a sitting area around your pool. When thinking of which materials to use, your main focus should be on functionality. You will need terraces, patios, paths, and borders around your pool. The size of the area you want to create and how you want to use it will help you pick the most suitable materials. For instance, if you need to create a hard standing for a table and chairs, you should make it flat and stable. To ensure the water is clean, you should stay away from materials with granular aggregates like gravel or bark. Having a sitting area by your pool will significantly enhance its appearance.

Plant a Hedge

A nicely clipped boxwood hedge and a luxurious green lawn can add privacy and elegance to your pool. A landscape like this will make your days in the pool feel like summer vacations. However, you must remember that boxwood hedges grow best in partial shade, and they need some protection from the hot afternoon sun. It’s also important to protect them from cold injury during the colder winter months. 

Before you plant a boxwood hedge, you should get your soil tested. Boxwoods need well-drained soil with a pH of around 6.5 to 7.0, and they will also not do well when grown around wet areas. It would be best to have proper drainage, so you don’t have muddy water in your pool or lots of water drowning your hedge.

Seamless Swimming Pool

This is another excellent pool landscaping idea that you can employ. However, to keep the land around your pool eco-friendly, you might want to consider installing synthetic grass. Once you have installed an artificial lawn, you can merge the edges of the pool and grass to create a perfect spot to relax outdoors. You can also throw in some large patio pavers to enhance this idea. This is a great way to make your pool area feel more modern without parting with a lot of money. 

You need to incorporate the patio pavers into your synthetic lawn around the pool. Keep in mind that these pavers are nowhere near discreet. Instead, they are bold and easily noticeable, helping you create an instant indoor-outdoor effect. If you install them properly, you will get the luxury look of indoor tiles. 

These are some pool landscaping ideas that you can employ to turn your regular pool into a marvel. If you are ready to transform your pool, don’t hesitate to call us and set an appointment to get a free estimate. We would love to hear from you.

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