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Residential Landcare

Landscape maintenance is all in a day’s work if you’re a homeowner, but it doesn’t have to be a chore when you leave it to the professionals. With Your WAY property services, you can expect quality residential landcare that boosts your home’s curb appeal and value.


Landcare Upkeep

Residential landcare involves different types of yard and garden activities and tasks. The list includes regular lawn maintenance, spring, and fall cleanup, weeding, tree and shrub trimming, and more. Given this, it’s safe to say landcare upkeep can drain your energy and time. The good news is you can still have your beautiful landscaping without lifting a finger or breaking a sweat.

The trick is to tap into reputable residential landscaping and lawn care services. For instance, Your WAY Property Services is the go-to option if you want landscaping that oozes enough curb appeal to impress for miles around. Enjoy top-notch landcare upkeep that keeps your outdoor area healthy, clean, safe, and attractive.

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Lawn Maintenance | Weeding | Tree and Shrub Trimming

Lawn Maintenance

Professional lawn maintenance is the key to a healthy lawn with rich greenery. Healthy lawn sure grows up fast, which is why we also provide weekly turf grass mowing services. This includes edging every other week and blowing clippings off of surfaces.

Our services are the key to a manicured, impeccable lawn that increases curb appeal. We understand that lawn maintenance can be time-consuming and tedious, so we recommend engaging our expert and consistent services.

Keep your lawn clean and fresh. Call today to schedule an appointment. 

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Spring and Fall Cleanup

The changing seasons also add more tasks to your landscape maintenance to-do list. As you transition from winter to spring, your lawn and landscaping need some TLC. Spring is the time to remove and dispose of debris, sweep away leaves and sticks, and cut back on perennials.

This will give your plants a good start on the growing season and ensure that your yard aesthetics are on point during summer. If you need to prepare your landscape before the cold winter months, we are also available to take care of all the essentials of fall yard cleanup.




Landscape beds provide the perfect opportunity to enhance your outdoor area. If you want to keep your landscape beds in excellent condition, you can let us deal with your unwanted plant guests. Our strategy for weed control of landscape beds typically involves intensive hand and chemical treatment during the weed growing season.

That way, you can be sure perennials, shrubs, annuals, or trees are getting all the resources they need without the unhealthy competition of weeds. If left unchecked, weeds can be a serious eyesore and tougher to get rid of. Thankfully, our proactive services work to prevent weed proliferation.



Tree and Shrub Trimming

Shaping and shearing of your bushes and trees is another task we can handle while you sit back and relax. We’re here to enhance the form and growth of your trees and shrubs so you have shapely and vibrant foliage that adds extra appeal to your yard.

Tree and shrub trimming is especially critical during formative years as it encourages new growth while protecting against insect and disease damage.

Are you looking for top-notch residential landcare from a reputable service that goes the extra mile? Start by getting a FREE quote today for any services you need. Call now or complete the form to request your FREE quote.


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