What Is Landcare And Why It Matters For Property Owners

July 7, 2022

What is landcare? Landscape and property maintenance, including full-service lawn, tree, shrub, and garden maintenance.

What is landcare?

The importance of landcare

Landcare is a vital part of maintaining the beauty and health of your property. If you are looking for a top-notch, experienced landcare service, look no further than Your Way Property Services! We have years of experience in everything from mowing, edging, and blowing grass clippings off surfaces and sidewalks/driveways to pruning shrubs/trees, weeding flower beds/lawns weekly, or bi-weekly depending on the growth rate, etc.

What does top-notch landcare upkeep look like?

Top-notch landcare involves full-service lawn maintenance. It means having your lawn mowed and edged, trimming the hedges and bushes, removing weeds from flower beds, fertilizing your lawn and trees, and more.

Landcare upkeep also includes a clean and tidy landscape. That means raking leaves from the yard every fall so they don't pile up in your tree canopies or on top of your garden beds come springtime. Or worse yet, block the sunshine from reaching important plants like tomatoes that need six hours of direct sunlight each day!

If you have any plant life with thorns (such as roses), landcare upkeep means keeping those thorns trimmed down so they aren't poking anyone who walks by them!

What is landcare?

Weekly mowing of turf grass every other week, edging and blowing clippings off surfaces.

Mowing is the most crucial part of lawn care. Mowing keeps the grass short, which allows it to grow more quickly and helps prevent weeds from growing. It also reduces soil erosion and prevents disease and insect infestations.
While there are many different types of grasses, all turf varieties require regular mowing to look their best. It's how they stay healthy and prevent weeds from taking over your yard. No matter what type of grass you have—from cool-season turf like bluegrass or fescue (fine) to warm-season turf like Bermuda (coarse)— you want a manicured look that is easy on the eyes but also easy on your wallet!

Spring Cleanup

After surviving the long winter, spring brings the promise of renewal. Still, it also comes with a lot of work if you haven't been keeping up on your lawn care and landscape during the colder seasons.
There are several steps to take when getting your yard ready for spring: clean up leaves and sticks; cut back perennials (if needed); remove annuals from all beds; dispose of debris from lawn and landscape beds; weed or weed control landscape beds; prune trees and shrubs as necessary—trimming only those that need shaping, removing dead wood, etc.; shape bushes into desired shapes (shear), then apply fertilizer around plants that were cut back or removed throughout spring cleanup process.

What is landcare?

Clean up leaves and sticks, cut back perennials, and remove annuals.

Removal of annuals. In late summer and fall, we remove the annuals, which are plants that die off each year. This can be a tremendous job, but it's essential because the annuals have created an environment for weeds to grow through their roots. Weeds can take over our native plants, so they must be removed before they get too big and spread their seeds across the site.

Cut back perennials. Perennials are continually growing and changing throughout the year. Hence, as they get more prominent at different times of the year, we need to trim or cut back some of them to keep them looking nice and tidy! If you were to look at one of our client's gardens in the fall, you would notice many different heights of perennials. This is because, over winter, we cut them all back, so they don't look too "busy" while also keeping them looking neat!

Disposal of debris from lawn and landscape beds.

  • We will haul away all your yard waste, whether an old shed or a pile of leaves.
  • We will dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way.
  • We will not leave any leaves, sticks, or other debris behind, so you can rest easy knowing that your yard is clean and ready for springtime gardening.


Weeding is an essential part of landcare. You can't have a healthy garden if the weeds are winning! Weeding helps maintain your plants' health, keeping them healthy and looking their best. When weeding is done correctly, it can help your soil retain moisture.

Weed Control of Landscape Beds – hand and chemical treatment of landscape beds for the duration of the weed growing season

Weed control is an integral part of keeping your landscape's ecosystem healthy. It's a long-term process that requires vigilance and patience. Weed control is a year-round process, but it is especially vital during the growing season when weeds can get out of hand quickly.
To keep your shrubs and trees healthy, you will want to take care of the weeds in your beds throughout spring, summer, and fall. Some types of weeds grow more slowly than others, so they may not be as much of an issue at certain times during the year. For example, dandelions are primarily an early spring problem.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

  • Tree and shrub trimming is essential for the health of your tree or shrub.
  • The best time to trim trees and shrubs is after they flower, but before new growth begins.
  • It's crucial to cut branches off at their point of origin (where they meet the trunk). If you don't remove all traces of the branch, it will be harder for them to heal correctly.
  • When trimming trees or shrubs, we always use the sharpest blades to avoid making too many cuts because this can cause damage to their bark tissue over time. Also, we don't leave any stubs on the branches because this might prevent them from healing properly. When there's an abundance of wounds in one place, this leads to disease outbreaks later down the road."

Shaping and shearing of your bushes and trees

In addition to all of the above, we also can help you:

  • Shape and shear your bushes and trees.
  • Prune your bushes and trees (if needed).
  • Remove dead branches from the tree or bush.
  • Remove branches that are too close to the house or pathway.
  • Remove branches growing too close to each other.
  • Remove branches that are too close to the power lines, etc.

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